XTools Pro FAQ

Last updated:
October 27, 2015

Q: How can I get free XTools Pro license?

A: Register your Trial license first. To do so visit our XTools Pro download page at http://xtoolspro.com/download.asp and press "try" button. Fill out and submit the appeared form to get your trial license registration key. Register your trial license with the obtained key and use all XTools Pro tools and features for 14 days. At the end of the trial period you will see a message box suggesting either buying full functional XTools Pro license or switching to free license. Select "Switch to free license" option and fill out and submit the appeared registration form. Your free license key will be forwarded to the provided e-mail. Activate your free license with the obtained free license key. That's it!

Be aware, that unlike paid XTools Pro license, not all XTools Pro tools are available with free license. Go to http://xtoolspro.com/tools.asp to see the list of free tools and features (they are marked with the "Free" icon).

Q: Is the current XTools Pro 12.0 version compatible with ArcGIS 9.3?

A: No, the current XTools Pro 12.0 version is compatible with ArcGIS 10.x versions only. The previous XTools Pro 11.1 and earlier versions can be installed and used with ArcGIS 9.3.

Q: Do you provide the downgrade option?

A: Yes, with the purchased XTools Pro 12.x license you can register XTools Pro 9.x-12.x versions.

Q: I cannot activate my single license getting the following message: Activation number exceeded.

A: The message means that you are trying to activate your license the third time. Pay attention, XTools Pro Single license permits software operations on one computer for one user. You may also activate your license on your laptop computer. But no more than two activations are possible.

Q: How long does it usually take to receive a multiline license code?

A: Please take into account that usually there is the time difference between our places of location, so you may expect activated keys and all the answers and comments on your possible questions next day maximum (excluding week-ends).

Q: How can I renew information about the XTools Pro user?

A: XTools Pro license information can be renewed upon users request to our company.

Q: I have missed to renew the maintenance for my license. Within what warranty period I can still renew the maintenance?

A:If the maintenance of your XTools Pro license lapsed no more than two years ago, you still can renew the maintenance for your license. However, you will have to pay for the missed period and the new maintenance period will start from the expiration date.

Q: I am going to make payment by bank transfer. Who is responsible for paying transfer fees?

A: The customer is supposed to pay all transfer fees. If the payment is short by transfer fee we will request additional payment. The license key is not issued and provided unless we get the full invoiced amount.

Q: How do I obtain a valid registration key for the free tools in XTools Pro?

A: The new XTools Pro 12 version provides 14 days of trial period. During this period you will be able to evaluate all XTools Pro tools and features. However, if you try to use any of XTools Pro tools beyond the trial period a message box will appear suggesting to either purchase a full functional license or switch to the free license. If you choose to switch to the free license, you will need to register and a free license code will be sent to your e-mail address after successful submission of the registration form.

Q: When I try to use the tools or register XTools Pro, all of the menu options are grayed out and I can't select "About XTools Pro".

A: Most probably you just need to activate the extension (otherwise all menus and icons are grayed out). To do that manually, in ArcMap go to the menu Customize (or menu Tools in ArcGIS 9.x), and select the Extensions menu item. Then select XTools Pro in the list of the available extensions. This will enable all the tools and menu items.

Q: I tried to register for the free version of XTools Pro with the free license key below but I get the following error message: "Invalid license key or wrong license version".

A: Please make sure that you have the most recent XTools Pro version installed free license keys are generated only for the current version of the product. They are not compatible with any earlier versions.

Q: Do you have a free downloadable version or do we have to pay per download for the XTools Pro version?

A: XTools Pro is a shareware extension to ArcGIS for Desktop. You can download it for FREE from the Data East or XTools Pro sites.
This version is full-functional and available for the trial period of 14 days. Then you can either register for a free license key to use the free tools or purchase a full license to have access to the paid tools. Downloading and evaluating XTools Pro does not oblige you to pay.

Q: What do I do if I find a bug in XTools Pro?

A: Please send any bugs you find to xtoolspro@dataeast.com and describe the problem as you can, providing us with as many details as possible. Do not forget to mention your XTools Pro and ArcGIS versions (and service packs, if any).

Q: I would like to purchase XTools Pro license offline. Is it possible that you send a bill to our company, so that we can pay the bill and you send us the license code by e-mail?

A: Yes, we can send you an invoice in this case. Besides, you can purchase XTools Pro through BlueSnap (formerly Plimus), the US based payment processor supporting many additional payment options other than credit cards: Wire Transfer, Phone, Fax, Mail/Check/Money Order, and Purchase Order.

Please refer to the Purchase section at this site for more details: http://www.xtoolspro.com/purchase.asp

Q: Do you have contact info for BlueSnap?

A: You can submit a customer support form at the following link: http://home.bluesnap.com/ecommerce/support/shopper/customer-support or you may email BlueSnap Customer Support at support@plimus.com.

Q: What is the price of corporate license and does the price include future upgrades?

A: Corporate license allows you installing XTools Pro on any number of computers within the same organization and the same physical location. At the moment the price is $3500.00 but it may change later for the next versions. The quoted price includes XTools Pro Corporate license, annual maintenance and technical support by email.

Q: Are there any discounts on XTools Pro provided for educational and/or academic institutions?

A: Yes, at that each inquiry about the discounts for XTools Pro corporate license from educational and academic institutions is considered individually. To apply for a discount, please, fill and submit the following application form at our GIS store page: http://vc.dataeast.ru/en/AcademicForm.asp?mProduct=XToolsPro

We will certainly consider your request and contact you for further details of payment.

Note: these discounts are applicable only to corporate license, there are no academic discounts provided for single licenses.

Q: Can I use XTools Pro extension on my desktop and laptop without purchasing two licenses?

A: Yes, you may install XTools Pro on your desktop and laptop and apply one single license for both installations. Doing this, please, note that single XTools Pro license applies only to your exclusive use.

Q: I have downloaded and installed XTools Pro. The extension is available from the extensions list and I am able to manually check the box for XTools Pro. But nothing happens beyond that - no menu icon, no way to access functions of extension, and no tool appeared in ArcMap.

A: If XTools Pro toolbar is not added automatically in ArcMap after the installation and activation you can add it manually. For this, in ArcMap (10.x versions) go to the Customize menu and select XTools Pro from the list of Toolbars. Another way is to right-click on any ArcMap toolbar area and check the XTools Pro toolbar in the list.

Q: Is there any way to get the Add XYZ Coordinates tool to return latitude and longitude?

A: Actually, if your data is in geographic coordinates (i.e. long/lat), XTools Pro "Add XYZ Coordinates" tool will return you longitude and latitude coordinates in degrees. Note, usually this will be decimal degrees, though there is an option for converting degrees to DMS (D M' S.SS") or DDM (D M.MM') format.

And if your data is projected you can anyway output latitude and longitude specifying the appropriate geographic coordinate system (refer to the XTools Pro Help for more details).

Q: Can you tell me more details about what projection the X, Y (eastings & northings) are outputted and the accuracy basis?

A: XTools Pro " Add XYZ Coordinates " tool outputs coordinates in the projection of your source data. Accuracy also depends on the data, i.e. coordinates are written as they are taken from the features. They are not rounded or modified anyhow. Besides, these new attribute fields with coordinates are created with the "Double" type so that there is enough space for the decimal part.

Q: With XTools Pro extension, I have not been able to calculate acreages for polygon features. Do I need to register and purchase to get this feature?

A: No. XTools Pro "Calculate Geometry" feature is free and you do not need to pay to use it. The problem can be related to the data. The matter is that you can calculate acreage only for projected data. If your data is in geographic coordinates (degrees), acreage option is disabled. Nevertheless, if you do not want to project your data but anyway need to calculate acreage - you can specify output projection, i.e. projection in which your acreage will be calculated. Data itself is not projected in this case, and specified projection is used only for acreage calculation.

Q: What formula XTools Pro uses to calculate acres? We have been finding some differences in total acres when comparing acres calculated by using (square meters/4046.85) formula and using XTools Pro.

A: The most possible reason of those differences is that in XTools Pro we use more precise factor:

Actually, there are 4046,8564224 square meters in one acre, as can be seen from:
(0.3048 * 0.3048) * 43560

Therefore, the difference will be greater for larger areas.

Q: I know I can use XTools to add points X,Y,Z. Can I use XTools to extract a list of X,Y,Z values from a polyline?

A: Yes, you can extract XYZ coordinates from polylines. Coordinates of FROM, TO or Center points of polylines can be extracted. Doing this you can add coordinates of only one point (FROM, TO or Center) at a time. So if you need to have coordinates of all these points added to the attribute table, repeat the operation each time changing the polyline point.

Q: I did something while customizing a nearby toolbar that must have accidentally affected my XTools Pro toolbar. I have lost the "XTools Pro" drop-down menu, and all of its contents, and I cannot get it back. All I see now on the toolbar are four buttons.

A: Perform the following steps in ArcMap:

1. Select the "Customize" menu in ArcMap
2. Select the Customize Mode menu item
3. Select the "Toolbars" Tab (it is a default one)
4. Select the "XTools Pro" toolbar in the list of toolbars
5. Click the "Reset" button on the right
6. Select the template where toolbar should be restored (Normal.mxt for the default toolbar settings)
7. Click OK.

In case the XTools Pro toolbar is customized for a certain document, repeat this procedure with selecting this document instead of Normal.mxt (Step 5). Then your XTools Pro toolbar will be reset.

Q: I just downloaded the XTools Pro and installed it and nothing happened! The extension showed up on the menu, but I don't see any new tools. What do I need to do?

A: If you installed XTools Pro and are able to see it in the extensions and toolbars list, then select XTools Pro - XTools Pro toolbar should appear in your ArcMap interface. Another option is to go to: Customize... > Toolbars In the toolbars list check in the XTools Pro (usually it is in the bottom of the list). Sometimes it may also happen that XTools Pro remains disabled (all the tools are "grayed" out). To activate the extension manually go to: Customize > Extensions... In the extensions list check in the box next to XTools Pro. In case all this does not work or anything remains unclear, please, contact us by email.

Q: The multiple summarization tool that was in Xtools 3.1 is not in XTools Pro. Will this tool be added? I used this tool all the time.

A: The multiple summarization tool from XTools 3.x for ArcGIS is now redesigned in XTools Pro and is available as "Aggregate Features/Records" tool (XTools Pro Table Operations menu).

Q: I have installed XTools on my Desktop and Laptop. But each time I start XTools on my Laptop I must reinstall the code registration etc. How can I use my single license on my desktop and laptop?

A: The matter is that while it is allowed to install XTools Pro on your Desktop and Laptop applying same single license, it is not allowed to use same single license simultaneously on two machines. If your Desktop and Laptop are connected to one local network and ArcMap with the registered XTools Pro copy is open on both machines, then XTools Pro detects that the same single license key is used on two machines and gets unregistered.
When it is said that it is allowed to apply same single license on Desktop and Laptop that means you may wish to use XTools Pro on your Laptop out of the office (at home, in the field etc.).
So, as for now you can register your XTools Pro once again and then avoid using XTools Pro on Desktop and Laptop simultaneously.

Q: I wish to buy a third seat of XTools Pro. Do I have to pay the single-seat price, or can I get the multiple-seat price, since I have already purchased two?

A: You can get a volume discount only when you purchase two or more licenses at once.

Q: I am going to download the new XTools Pro version but I have installed the previous one. Should I uninstall the old one first? If so, how can I uninstall it?

A: Yes, we recommend first to uninstall the previous version and then install the newer XTools Pro version. You can uninstall XTools Pro from the Add or Remove Programs menu (or Programs and Features), available from the Control panel.

Q: I would prefer to purchase XTools Pro application on CD. Is it possible?

A: XTools Pro is provided as ESD, there is no option to purchase XTools Pro on a CD.

Q: Registration key not working, what should I do?

A: From our experience, in most cases there are two common reasons for that:
- The XTools Pro version installed on your machine and your XTools Pro license key version do not match. In this case install the required XTools Pro version or consider upgrading your license key.
- You are entering registration information incorrectly. Enter the key carefully as it is given in the email from us, it is recommended to copy/paste them to avoid typos.

Q: Does Data East work with Purchase orders?

A: The "Purchase order" option is available with BlueSnap (formerly Plimus), a US based payment provider that we work with. Follow the corresponding link from the Purchase section at the XTools Pro site and choose the "Purchase order" as a method of payment. Note, the license keys are provided after we receive the payment.

Q: Do you have Concurrent Licensing (similar to ESRI's License Manager)?

A: No, by the moment we do not have such licensing for XTools Pro.

Q: I would like to know if the new XTools Pro version is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit machines?

A: Yes, all recent XTools Pro versions are compatible with Windows 7 and 8, both 32 and 64-bit machines. At that, there is one possible installation issue. The issue and the workaround are discussed on this ESRI's forum:

Q: I have installed XTools Pro and have had the 14 days trial period expired. Now I have the option of registering for free tools via a registration form. However when I try to press 'Registration form for free tools' button to initiate this form, nothing happens. How do I register to continue to use the free tools?

A: The link to free registration is also available from the XTools Pro About dialog or you can use the direct link:

Q: What Setup installer is used in XTools Pro? Is there any way to automate the installation silently?

A: All recent XTools Pro versions are provided as Windows Installer MSI packages, you can find all available keys and switches for automated installation here:

Q: I applied for a free license but I keep getting an error message that I do not have the necessary license to use the tool (when I try from the ArcToolbox). Any idea what the problem is?

A: The XTools Pro geoprocessing functions from the toolbox are all paid features and are unavailable with the free license.

Q: I am curious to know what tools are unavailable with the free license key beyond the trial period?

A: You can refer to the XTools Pro Help for the list of these tools, see Appendix: XTools Pro Shareware Features. All the other tools and features will be available for you with the free license key.

Q: At the XTools Pro site I found an upgrade option from version 8 to version 12. I have version 9. What is the option to upgrade from version 9 to version 12 or do I now have to use the annual maintenance option?

A: Since version 9.x upgrading between major versions is replaced with annual maintenance, valid one year from the purchase date. Valid maintenance is now a way to have access to all newer versions and updates, no matter major or minor. Technical support is equally included. Missed maintenance is a subject to purchasing a new license.

You can check the expiration date of your XTools Pro license and purchase Annual maintenance for additional period at the following link: http://vc.dataeast.ru/maintenancePayment/en/

Q: How do I know if I am able to download the latest update to XTools Pro?

A: You can check the expiration date of your XTools Pro license at the following web page: http://vc.dataeast.ru/maintenancePayment/en/
XTools Pro 9.x users with active maintenance may re-activate their keys with the latest XTools Pro version.

Q: I am trying to register the free XTools Pro Tools, however, there is no "Multiline license code.." option available after clicking the Register button within About XTools Pro menu.

A: The Multiline license code option is only available and applicable to XTools Pro 10.x versions. Please download and install the most recent XTools Pro version.

Q: Do you have an online users manual?

A: Yes, the online users manual can be accessed using the following link: http://link.xtoolspro.com/onlinehelp

Q: I recently got a new computer and need help reinstalling XTools Pro.

A: First, you should remove XTools Pro software from your old computer. Then, if you have the latest XTools Pro version, download the program from our web-site: http://www.xtoolspro.com/download.asp on your new computer and re-register with your license key. If you have earlier version of XTools you can send us request and we will give you appropriate link for downloading your version whereupon you can re-register it with your key.

Q: I have received a multiline activation code for the free tools, but I get the error "unable to find installed products for this license". Any idea why this might be happening?

A: This error means that XTools Pro version installed on your computer does not match version of the license you are trying to apply. Please download and install XTools Pro version that corresponds with the version of your license.

For any other questions not covered in this FAQ
please contact us directly at: xtoolspro@dataeast.com

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