Current version: XTools Pro 12.0 (1747)
Zip file size:97.7 Mb


Disk space:90 Mb
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Requisite software:
ArcGIS desktop 10.x (including 10.3.1)

* Press this button to work with the full-featured trial XTools Pro version available for 14 days. During this period you will be able to evaluate all XTools Pro tools and features. However, if you try to use any of XTools Pro tools beyond the trial period a message box will appear suggesting to either purchase full functional license or switch to free license.

Here is how to get your Free license of XTools Pro:

  • Register your Trial license first. To do so press "try" button, fill out and submit the appeared form at to get your trial license registration key.
  • Register your trial license with the obtained key and use all XTools Pro tools and features for 14 days.
  • At the end of the trial period you will see a message box suggesting either buying full functional XTools Pro license or switching to free license. Select "Switch to free license" option and fill out and submit the appeared registration form. Your free license key will be forwarded to the provided e-mail.
  • Activate your free license with the obtained free license key. That's it!
  • Be aware, that unlike paid XTools Pro license, not all XTools Pro tools are available with free license. Go to to see the list of free tools and features (they are marked with the "Free" icon).

XTools Pro overview
Download XTools Pro brief functionality overview.
(pdf, 361 Kb)

XTools Pro 11.1
Previous XTools Pro 11.1 version can be downloaded here.

Batch installation
Download XTools Pro batch installation instruction.
(pdf, 61 KB)

Installation in Russian
Download XTools Pro trial with installation instructions in Russian.